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Our 4 big types of Ice Cream Machine

Soft Ice Cream Machine

For making soft ice cream and frozen yogurt

Hard Ice Cream Machine

For making gelato and sorbet

Fried Ice Cream Machine

For instant making ice cream and ice cream roll

Popsicle Machine

For making fruit ice, gelato, and sorbet on a stick

Soft Ice Cream Machine New Generation

3 flavor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine


Table Top 3 Flavor Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


Single Flavor Soft Ice Cream Machine With Air Pump

BQ115-S Pro

3 Flavor Rainbow Soft Ice Cream Machine


Soft Ice Cream Machine Classic

2+1 Mix Flavor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Maker Machine


3 Flavor Countertop Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine


6 Flavor (4+2Mix Soft Ice Cream Making Machine


One Flavor Commercial Soft Ice-cream Machine


Hard Ice Cream Machine

Hourly 20 Liters Commercial Ice Cream Batch Freezer


Big Capacity Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine


Table Top Commercial Italian Gelato Machine


Fried Ice Cream Machine

Single Pan Thai Fried Ice Cream Machine


Single Pan Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine With 6 Topping Containers


Double Pan Thailand Fry Ice Cream Machine With 12 Fruit Trays


Sinlge Rectangle Pan Fried Ice Cream Roll Making Machine

CB-100 SS

Popsicle Machine

Each Output 40 Popsicle Commercial Popsicle Machine

BP-1 Basket

Each Output 52 Popsicle Commercial Ice Popsicle Machine

BP-2 Brazil

Each Output 160 Popsicle Commercial Ice Cream Popsicle Machine 

BP-4 Basket

Each Output 240 Popsicle Commercial Ice Lolly Making Machine

BP-6 Basket

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  • Liu Wei Xiong (General Manager)
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