Established in 2001, JinLiSheng is a leading manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of ice cream machines,  located in Xinhui, Guangdong province, China.

JinLiSheng manufacture various kinds of Ice cream machine, including Soft ice cream machine, Hard ice cream machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine, and Popsicle Machine. 

JinLiSheng implement a strict and complete quality control system, which covers every procedures, from material sourcing and processing, through to texting and packing, to ensure that each product meets the strict quality requirements of different customers from different countries in the world. The management system of JinLiSheng is ISO9001:2008 approval. JinLiSheng is seeking for distributors and dealers from worldwide.

JinLiSheng 2018 Latest Soft Ice Cream Machine
  • New design, more elegant;
  • Stainless steel beater, more continuous dispensing, higher eifficiency;
  • Danfoss expansion valve;
  • Photoelectric sensor;
  • Famous Embraco, Tecumseh compressor;
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant;
  • Floor standing, counter table top, 3 flavor(2+1mix), single flavor available.
Ideal choice for Ice Cream Shop, Bakery shop, cafe, convenience store, grocery store, restaurant, hotel, club, spa,any place you want to add ice cream into your menu. 

CE、ROHS Certificate

Soft Ice Cream Machine

 For making soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt
High efficiency
Long using life, life span up to 10 years 

Wholesale Ice Cream Machine, Soft Ice Cream Machine,commercial soft ice cream machine


Wholesale Ice Cream Machine Price, Ice Cream Machine Soft Serve


Wholesale Table Top Ice Cream Machine, Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


Wholesale Mcdonald's Soft Ice Cream Machine, Commercial Ice Cream Machine For Sale


Wholesale Mini Soft Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Machine Commercial


Wholesale Soft Ice Cream Machine For Sale, Softy Ice Cream Machine Price


CE、ROHS Certificate

Hard Ice Cream Machine

 For making gelato, sorbet
Free training and free recipes for making gelato, sorbet
High working performance 

Wholesale Hard Ice Cream Machine, Gelato Machine, Batch Freezer For Sale


Wholesale Batch Freezer, Ice Cream Batch Freezer, Hard Ice Cream Machine Price


Wholesale Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine, Italian Gelato Machine


CE、 ROHS Certificate

Fried Ice Cream Machine

 Instant making ice cream from scratch
Mix the ready ice cream with fruits, toppings, sauces, and other additives
Fast refrigeration, each serving takes about 1 minute 

Whole Fried Ice Cream Machine, Fry Ice Cream Machine, Thailand fry Ice Cream Machine

WF900 (Φ400)

Wholesale Cold Stone Ice Cream Machine, Thailand Ice Cream Machine, Roll Ice Cream Machine

WF900 (Φ500)

Wholesale Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Roller Ice Cream Machine, Pan Ice Cream Machine

WF1120 (Φ500)

Factory Wholesale Flat Pan Fry Ice Cream Machine, Thailand Style Roll Fry Ice Cream Machine With Flat Table

WF1120 (Φ500X500)

Wholesale Thai Ice Cream Machine 2 Pan, Ice Cream Machine Rolls, Fried Ice Cream Machine Double Pan

WF2170S (Φ500X2)

Wholesale Fry Ice Cream Machine Roll, Fried Ice Cream Machine Mesin Ais Krim Goreng, Two Pans Stirring Ice Cream Machine

WF2170S (Φ500X2)

Wholesale Thai Ice Cream Machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine Rolls, Thailand Rolled Fried Ice Cream Machine

CB-100 (Stainless Steel)

Wholesale Stir Fry Ice Cream Machine, Cold Stone Marble Slab Top Fry Ice Cream Machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine For Australia

CB-100 (Marble)

Factory Wholesale Fired Ice Cream Machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine Price, Roll Ice Cream Machine Pans, Thai Ice Cream Machine


CE Certificate

Popsicle Machine

For making gelato, sorbet on a stick
With reusable stainless steel popsicle mold
Elegant design, high output

Wholesale Ice Lolly Making Machine, Popsicle Maker, Ice Popsicle Machine


wholesale Ice Lolly Machine, Popsicle Machine, Popsicle Machine For Sale


Wholesale Popsicle Making Machine, ice pop making machine,
Ice Pop Machine 


  • Jiangmen Jin Li Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Wusi Development Zone, Guantian, Sanjiang Town,Xinhui District,Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province,China
  • 529142
  • 86-0750-6215521
  • 86-0750-6215710
  • Liu Wei Xiong (General Manager)
  • 86-0-13536188733

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