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With know-how  on refrigeration
The major challenge in refrigeration——feeding pumps(High Efficiency Mix Transfer System)!
01.Separate Hopper Refrigeration
/ Standby Mode
Less energy while better performance--a matter of design.
 Energy conservation system.
 Fresh-keeping.
02.Hopper Agitator(s)
Caring about everything, everything with        care.
 Ensure the mix is homogenized all the time         in the refrigerated hopper.
 Anti-slurry.
03.Mix Low Light Alerts
 Lower maintenance costs, higher product safety, longer service life. Holistic thinking pays off.
04.Freezing Cylinder Agitator: Triple Mixed Shafts
We exclusively process a triple mixed shafts agitator for the freezing cylinder as a higher standard.
 Exclusive blending design, maintaining product's quality  and consistency.
 Effectively lower the rate of frozen cylinder.
06.Embraco Aspera /
Tecumseh Compressor
Made of Italian compressor that are perfectly adapted for more intensive cooling.You must know, any refrigerator is only as good as the compressor it is made of.
 Ensure the service life of the machines.
 High-efficiency compressor provides increased capacity reliability and efficiency.
05.Heat Treament
The safty and hygiene are always for the long run.
 Ensure the safty and hygiene of the Ice-cream liquid.
 7 Days free of brush cleaning.
07.Ram Pump and Gear Pump Puffing System
Complexity,made easy -- innovative design and technology for the pumps.
High Efficiency Mix Transfer System as a key to market success which takes our greatest passion:
Increase products' overrun.
Ensure the smooth and creamy tastes of the products consistently.

Popsicle Machine

Made In China 6 Brazil Mold Daily 11232 Pops Commercial Ice Cream Lolly Making Machine Italian Popsicle Machine For Sale

 Danfoss expansion valve, superior refrigeration performance
 Freezing tank material stainless steel, hygienic and durable
 Surface panel material stainless steel, durable
 Freezing temperature display and adjustment
 Microcomputer control, safety and stable working performance
 The recipe for making popsice (fruit ice, gelato, sorbet on a stick, coating for popsicle) is available

 With the stick aligner, you could install the sticks into the stick holder at a faster speed, easier and more convenient, high efficiency

The brazil mold with a 2 line design, after demold, you could put the pops into a GN pan directly, very easily and tidy

The stick holder 2 line design could fit the rail of the auto popsicle packaging machine, very convenient and high efficiency for doing the package, release your hand to line up each pop by each pop


How to make Ice Popsicles?
Fill the right amount of freezing agent into the freezing tank.

Press the Production button to activate the production mode.
Wait about one and a half hour to 2 hours, when the freezing agent temperature reach -18C, the freezing agent is ready to make popsicle. The freezing is varied for different mix temperature and working environmental temperature.

Fill the popsicle mix into the popsicle mold. Place the popsicle mold into the freezing tank. Wait about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. till the freezing agent temperature reach about -15C to -16C, the popsicle is ready.
​​​​​​​ Take out the popsicle mold from the freezing tank, demold by warm water of temperature of 40C to 45C.
​​​​​​​ Lift the stick holder, drop the popsicle onto a pre freezed clean sanitized tray.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Now the popsicle is ready for package and decoration.
Why choose us
Jinlisheng knowledge. Since 2001 we and our employees at Jinlisheng have systematically collected know-how and experience for ice cream machine industry.
In this way a true wealth of knowledge has grown, which we use in our daily work and thus share with our customers.
They really like that, and in return they trust us with all issues regarding process engineering, construction, production and assembly. 
We don't just listen to our customers, we stand in their shoes and help them. Our service will accompany them along the entire process chain. 

Why choose JinLiSheng thai fry ice cream machine?

 16 years Leading manufacturer on Fried Ice Cream Machine.
 Fast refrigeration, excellent refrigeration performance, stable working performance, long using life.
 Very fast refrigeration. cold spread over the whole pan 1min after compressor start working. 5 mins later the pan could reach the perfect ice cream making temperature.
 Danfoss expansion valve instead of the conventional capillary copper tube to provide much efficient refrigeration performance
 Freezing pan made of 2mm thickness #304 stainless steel panel, strong, durbale.
 All components used are under long time quality and working performance test to guarantee the high quality.
 Very low working noise, not to bring noisy problem to the commercial outlets.
  Full outside panel made of stainless steel, hygienic and durable.
  Microcomputer control, working more safe and more stable.
  Very simple operation, 3 buttons control. After cleaning the freezing pan, connect with power supplies, press the Production button to activate the Production mode, 5 minutes later you could start to make the fried ice cream.
  Function Pan temperature display and pan temperature adjustment available. 
soft serve ice cream machines
Commercial Italian Ice Cream Sorbet Making Batch Freezer Gelato Machine Hard Ice Cream Machine 
Hard ice cream machine

snack machine fast food machine 8oz Commercial Electric Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine
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CE Commercial 3 Flavor China Soft Ice Cream Machine

Because of the increasing demand there is now a demand for machines that make the production of ice cream easier and more efficient.

it was an invention that came about because the demand for ice cream was growing in the market and because the people did not have the time or the patience to make it themselves. The ice cream makers that are made today are very different compared to those that were first created. The Ice Cream Institute worked on perfecting this machine and also studied the market so that they could create machines that were capable of meeting the demands of the market. These machines are so advanced now that they even offer different flavors such as sorbet, frozen yogurt, and much more. There are still some people who believe that ice cream is just sweetened with water but other people realized that they can add a lot of flavor to it by adding in flavors.

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Jin Li Sheng is a professional manufacturer of Commercial Ice Cream Machine, With 20 years manufacturing experiences. 

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